National Security Studies (NSST) Minor at UNL


Chair: Kevin Smith


Adviser: Tyler R. White                                                       


Description: The undergraduate national security studies minor (NSST) is an interdisciplinary program that provides students across campus (any department of college) with the relevant knowledge of various aspects of global security and the theory and analytical skills necessary for dealing with global security issues.  The minor requires 21 hours of coursework with a grade of B- or better including the 3 credit capstone course NSST 475.


1. CORE Courses (3 Credits)

Cover the theories, processes, models, and methods of national security studies and security policy analysis. Choose from:


POLS 160 International Relations

NSST 175 Introduction to National Security


2. Writing and Analysis Courses (6 Credits)

   Writing (3 Credits) Choose from:


NSST 375 Writing & Briefing for the National Security Enterprise

ENGL 151 Writing: Rhetoric and Argument

JOUR 102 The Art of Writing


   Critical Thinking/Analysis (3 Credits) Choose from:


NSST 376 Analysis for the National Security Establishment

COMM 312 Argumentation

PSYC 350 Research Methods & Data Analysis

SOCI 205 Introduction to Social Research I

SOCI 206 Introduction to Social Research II


3. Specialization (9 Credits)

Students will develop a plan of study in consultation with the global security studies minor coordinator. Courses will be selected from the areas below.


ANTH 353 Anthropology of War

GEOG 217 Mapping Science in the 21st Century

GEOG 312 Introduction to Geospatial Information Sciences

GEOG 412 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

GEOG 418 Introduction to Remote Sensing

GEOG 420 Digital Image Analysis of Remote Sensing Data

GEOG 444 Geo-demographic & GIS

HIST 304 US Military History since 1917

HIST 326 Algeria & France

HIST368 History of Terrorism in the Modern World

HIST 425 History of Radical Islam

POLS 261 Conflict & Conflict Resolution

POLS 263 Causes of War & Peace

POLS 362 Globalization & Human Rights

POLS 363 USA Foreign Policy

POLS 375 Conflict & Development in Africa

POLS 377 Transnational Criminal Networks

POLS 470 International Human Rights

POLS 472 State Terror

POLS 476 Ethnic Conflict & Identity

POLS 463 American Foreign Policy & the Use of the Military

POLS 462 Security in the Post Cold War Era

POLS 479 Insurgency, Guerilla Warfare, & Terrorism

PSYC 498 Psychology of Terrorism

RELG 318 Islam in the Modern World

RELG 418 Fundamentalism, Religion & Politics


4. Capstone Course (3 Credits)

    Students will finish the NSST minor with a research focused capstone course.


GSST 475 Threats & Solutions to National Security in the 21st Century


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