Intelligence: Public Service, at the highest level

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What is the Intelligence Community?

The Intelligence Community (IC) works separately and together to collect information, analyze it, make sense of it, and report it to key civilian and military decision makers as they plan and conduct America’s foreign relations.

Who is the IC looking for?

To understand a diverse world the IC needs a workforce with skills in every discipline, from history to law to physics, and a deep curiosity about the world.  Now more than ever, the IC needs people who understand foreign cultures, speak different languages, are fascinated by global events, and are comfortable working in difficult circumstances.

How we can help you:

The IC receives literally hundreds of thousands of résumés every year.  Without special attention, getting hired is very difficult.  The IC Scholar Program can help.  The IC Scholar Program is a community of high-achieving students interested in a career in intelligence and dedicated to acquiring the necessary skills to be an IC professional.  Participants will gain an in-depth familiarity with the IC, be funded to study abroad and perform IC-relevant research, network with IC professionals and recruiters, develop and demonstrate IC-relevant skills, and much more.  Graduating as an IC Scholar will get your résumé to the top of the pile!

What do Intelligence Officers do?

Students who pursue a career in the Intelligence Community could find themselves:

  • Researching and analyzing information to anticipate and explain global events to senior policy makers;
  • Developing cutting-edge technology for sensors, communications, satellites, data fusion, modeling and simulation, and clandestine operations;
  • Developing and using language skills in critical situations;
  • Interacting with the highest levels of national government on issues critical to U.S. national security;
  • Traveling and working around the world.

What Now?

Apply to be an IC Scholar NOW. Applications are evaluated during the first week of the fall and spring semesters.

Learn more about the IC Scholar Program at UNL here